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Conservative Bogota Councilman Demands Shakira's 'Lesbian' Music Video be Banned

Conservative Bogota Councilman Demands Shakira's 'Lesbian' Music Video be Banned
Internationally famous Colombian singer Shakira (blonde) and Barbadian recording artist Rihanna (dark hair) appear in the new music video 'Can't Remember to Forget You'. Photo: YouTube screengrab

BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA – Calling it an “apology for lesbianism,” Bogota city councilman Marco Fidel Ramirez on Monday blasted Colombian singer Shakira’s sexy new music video for her song ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You’.

Ramirez is demanding the video – which features Shakira and Barbadian recording artist Rihanna, both scantily-clad, smoking cigars and touching each other on a bed – be banned from Colombian TV screens for “immorality.”


“This audio-visual piece is apologizing for smoking, lesbianism and immorality,” the indignant city councilor said Monday. “Such messages do not agree with the children of the city, the country and the continent. As a councilman with a family, I protest.”


Ramirez said he will send a letter of protest to Shakira, asking her to withdraw the video from circulation to “protect the youth of Colombia.”


“I ask Shakira to remove her video from the market because it doesn’t suit the moral character of the youth in Colombia and the world,” he said Monday.


The conservative-Christian councilor added that he has seen the video on several occasions and insists that it be censored.


He said he would also send a letter to Rihanna, asking her, too, to have the video “removed from the market.”


The music video for the song ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You’ was released on January 21st, and will be on Shakira’s fourth English-language Album Shakira.


The sexy music new video is readily available for viewing on the Internet.

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