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Willie Colon's new song “Mentira Fresca” (Raw Lie) supports Venezuela’s Capriles

Willie Colon's new song “Mentira Fresca” (Raw Lie) supports Venezuela’s Capriles
Salsa singer Willie Colón/File AFP

Puerto Rican salsa singer Willie Colon just dropped his new song called “Mentira Fresca” that supports the campaign of Venezuela’s opposition presidential nominee Henrique Capriles and criticizes Venezuela’s actual administration.

The singer wrote on his Twitter account “This goes to Capriles and Venezuela. GO AND GET IT DUDE!.” 

And after his first tweet related with the song, he sent another one saying “There’s a new path” where he attached also a link to listen his new controversial song.


Lyrics in English:

Raw Lie spoke once again on TV

Saying we won’t have devaluation

Substitute in charge of making things worse

In just a hundred days you’ve deceived us.

With so much money and so much time remain in power
Venezuela shouldn’t have so many problems
We need energy power, we need also the water
And less thieves and a ceiling that won’t fall.
I feel sad for a country that is falling in pieces 
For the lack of love, of will and care
Our bridges are falling and the electrical transformers are blowing
Blame it on the spoiled kid, Melissa D’Lizard, and the vandals  
Raw Lie and the dumbs deceived the people
Making fun of your kindness and your hope
But be not afraid, you’re not guilty
Take away the power from those that have been reckless
Raw Lie eat your salad
It's a mixed one but still is bland
Raw Lie your biggest dream has failed
So call to Christ, to Fidel, to Stalin or to Mao
Dear friend he’s just an octopus and his tentacles are reaching for Iran and North Korea
It threats Latin America with suffering and poverty
So come ‘on let’s walk on the new path
They’ve painted give him now a dove 
Cos everyone wants to get Venezuela’s titties  
People there’s a new path
A new path that takes all the Venezuelan to get jobs
All the Venezuelan must have water 
All the Venezuelan must have energy 
All the Venezuelan must have their own space 
But most important is that all cast your votes
Because there's a new path, there’s a new path with Henrique Capriles
Go and get it dude!
They’ve painted give him now a dove  
Cuba is the artist
With his partner “The bad guy”
They’ve painted give him now a dove
A dove for him, a dove
A dove so he’ll fly away.

Adiós, auf widersehensayonara, arrivederci, and take care, but stick around

Because the new path is Henrique Capriles’ track

Go and get it dude, hear my words, I’m Willie Colon.


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